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January G2M Phase I Winners

Congratulations to the G2M Phase I Award winners for January 2015: 1) SnoreHero, a medical device that comfortably eliminates snoring, providing a restful night’s sleep, 2) DealTik, and 3) WordUp. Funds and training are provided by the Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative, in partnership with the Utah Valley Business Resource Center (UVU BRC). USTAR assists companies and universities turn ideas into products. The UVU Business Resources Center has a number of tools, resources and organizations to assist local businesses.

SnoreHero is a medical device that comfortably eliminates snoring, providing a restful night’s sleep. It works by keeping the upper airway open during sleep, effectively preventing the vibrations of the uvula and soft pallet that produce the sound known as “snoring.” The device has the added benefit of helping users take in more oxygen as they sleep. This provides more energy throughout the day, as well as decreased risk of serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. SnoreHero is a simple, effective, affordable alternative to more expensive solutions, such as surgery.

DealTik is a new, innovative mobile application that aids in the success of local businesses. It is a mobile application used to drive traffic to businesses during the slower hours of the day.

WordUp believes that people can transform one another when they discover who each other truly is. We are reinventing language learning by breaking down international barriers and allowing anyone to explore the people of the world. Intermixed with personalized language learning curriculum we provide opportunities for our users to engage in 2-player real-time casual games with native speakers. Before any of the game play, though, we ask you multiple questions to tailor make the perfect language learning path for you to meet your specific goals. After 2.5 years of R&D and 3 prototypes we are nearing our public launch. Go to WordUpGames.com to get in line for access to our closed beta group.

Phase I pitches are conducted at noon on the 4th Thursday of each month at the UVU BRC. They are open to the public. In order to pitch and receive funding a company must go through our G2M Phase I Training, based on lean startup, proof of concept, and market validation principles. Once companies complete their customer validation and market testing, and turn in the results, they can pitch in front of the crowd of peers – other companies going through the program. They are judged on a scale of 1 to 10 whether they have 1) found a monetizeable pain or a customer or market problem that people are willing to pay for, 2) have a team that can execute in starting and scaling a company, and 3) whether they were intellectually honest in their research.

To learn more or apply to the USTAR/UVU G2M Business Accelerator, please visit www.uvu.edu/brc/accelerator/ .