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Superman is going to love this – New Phone Booths!

As a business owner, maybe you feel like you need to be Superman for your company, but wait! Before you can solve the world’s problems, you’ll need a phone booth.

The incubator companies here at the Business Resource Center will have just that.

In a cubicle space, it can be difficult to have a private conversation, if not impossible. You have an important business transaction that may or may not materialize and you don’t want the secret to get out, yet.

The CEOs of our incubators often opt for talking on their cell phones outside the building for a little privacy. But this comes with its inconveniences – like the wind blowing past making it hard to hear or now when the weather is colder, being a little too chilly outside.

When I went to fill up my water bottle, I crossed a hallway where a gentleman, possibly a business owner, was trying to have a private conversation. I only caught a few words, so I don’t really know what it was about, but I’m sure it just wasn’t a cool situation for him, talking out in the open.

So, enter the phone booth. Now, this isn’t like the one you see in the movies, where you pick up the phone, insert a quarter, get a dial tone and punch in a number.

These are fancy new ones designed to accommodate those with cell phones and even wi-fi capabilities for laptops. There’s a small counter and a place to sit if the conversation goes a little longer. And they’re portable.

The phone booths offer privacy when our CEOs have important conversations. Four phone booths are on their way to the Business Resource Center. And when they arrive, it will be a welcome addition and help them feel like superheroes. Superman would be proud.