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UVU Team Launches ‘DubWars’ Video Game On Worldwide Digital Platform Steam

June 13, 2014

For Immediate Release

University Marketing & Communications: Melinda Colton | 801-863-6807
Written by: Layton Shumway | 801-863-6863

MURA Interactive, a Provo-based company led by alumni and students from Utah Valley University’s Digital Media Department, launched its first video game, “DubWars,” for sale on popular digital game marketplace Steam today, June 13.

“DubWars” is an arcade-style shooting game where lasers, rockets and explosions blast in time with songs from the popular “dubstep” genre of electronic music. The game has already been featured on the OUYA gaming console, which debuted in 2013, but “DubWars”‘ release on Steam will allow any of the platform’s 75 million users to purchase, download and play it.

“Steam is one of the biggest distributors for PC and Mac gaming,” said MURA Interactive CEO and UVU graduate Joe Albrethsen. “Being on the platform will help give ‘DubWars exposure worldwide.”

In addition to Albrethsen, the team at MURA Interactive includes four current UVU students — two illustration artists and two gaming and animation specialists.

“What these students have accomplished here far exceeds what they do in the classroom,” said UVU professor of gaming and animation Rodayne Esmay. “We hope this project can become a road map for others.”

Albrethsen said UVU programs like the Business Resource Center and the Entrepreneurship Institute, under the direction of Shauna Theobold, helped MURA Interactive connect with local entrepreneurs and prepare the company for growth.

“We’re pioneering student projects and shifting the mentality of just going to school,” Albrethsen said. “We’re creating jobs instead of applying for them.”

“DubWars” is available for purchase now through Steam’s Early Access program at For more information, visit