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G2M Phase IV – Revenue Accelerator

Now that you’ve validated your idea, developed your business model and begun putting your business model into action, we invite you to attend Phase IV — sales acceleration.

You will be taught by one of the national leaders in sales acceleration training, Griffin Hill. Their Integrity Sales System is the most complete sales methodology available. Their six step sales process brings immediate and sustained results using a clear path to move from one step to the next. Companies like IntegraCore of Salt Lake City increased their new sales by 300% in their first five months of use, using this proven method for increasing sales success.

The Integrity Sales System is based on the principle that high performance is the outcome of systematic adherence to natural law.  This system focuses leaders and employees on consistent actions that govern success.  Adhering to these natural laws and high leverage activities help their client’s experience rapid, substantial and sustainable revenue growth.

This revenue acceleration course is taught in a 12 consecutive week format, for one hour each Monday morning, beginning promptly at 9 AM in our main conference room.

The $3,500 tuition is waved for qualifying students and their staff. To qualify for this free training, one member of your company must have graduated through the previous Phases of the G2M program and commit to attend entire training program. Seating is limited. Preference will be given to recent graduates of Phase lll, with the balance of available seats open to alumni graduates of G2M.

To register, call or email Marin Reynolds at 801-863-2720 or

Salt Lake City Meets Value Proposition Design

Phase II of the G2M Business Accelerator is focused partly on developing a Business Model Canvas as described in the book Business Model Generation. A later book is being published called Value Proposition Design. The authors will be Salt Lake on October 24th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the event Salt Lake City Meets Value Proposition Design. You can register to attend HERE.


The international success of Business Model Generation and the Business Model Canvas inspired us to celebrate the launch of the bestseller’s sequel – Value Proposition Design – with the international community of innovators and Strategyzer

We want visionaries that defy traditional business approaches to meet, brainstorm, and together, to revolutionise the fields of Innovation & Strategy by introducing more tools and structured approaches that catalyse value creation. With the force of this global community, we can together change the way business is done, forever.

We’re inviting enthusiasts that have pre-ordered the new book Value Proposition Design to join our event in Salt Lake City to network, attend a Q&A with the authors, win Strategyzer prizes and meet like-minded people to build extraordinary business models and value propositions.

Don’t wait to gain access to a proven methodology to succeed with value propositions that sell, embedded in profitable business models!

Please note that a printed copy of the book purchase receipt is mandatoryfor admission to this event! You can purchase the book here:!

G2M Business Accelerator Award Winners – September

Congratulations to the G2M Phase I Award winners for September: Jobpiper and NuTeam Freedom. JobPiper believes in building legendary companies by helping companies to “clone” their best employees. Nuteamfreedom provides an automated marketing system for network marketers. Funds and training are provided by the Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative, in partnership with the Utah Valley Business Resource Center (UVU BRC). USTAR assists companies and universities turn ideas into products. The UVU Business Resources Center has a number of tools, resources and organizations to assist local businesses.

“At JobPiper, we believe in building legendary companies by helping them hire great people. In fact, we “clone” companies’ best employees. Using our “cloning” software, companies discover what attributes their top employees possess and then find job candidates with those same attributes. JobPiper is currently cloning top employees for Namify, iTok, MoneyDesktop, and the Galactic Empire (don’t tell Disney; they might sue us).” Derik Krauss, CEO of JobPiper.

“NuTeam’s FreedomCycle is the first fully-automated, content-rich, social marketing system designed for network marketers. It provides professionally created interactive emails that help introduce, educate, motivate and populate your downline…automatically. Simply enter a contact’s name and email address and FreedomCycle will send product and opportunity related emails, filled with content, videos, research studies, follow-ups and more to help convert your contacts to customers and distributors.” Greg Johnson, Owner, Nuteamfreedom.

Phase I pitches are conducted at noon on the 4th Thursday of each month at the UVU BRC. In order to pitch and receive funding a company must go through our G2M Phase I Training, based on lean startup, proof of concept, and market validation principles. Once companies complete their customer validation and market testing, and turn in the results, they can pitch in front of the crowd of peers – other companies going through the program. They are judged on a scale of 1 to 10 whether they have 1) found a monetizeable pain or a customer or market problem that people are willing to pay for, 2) have a team that can execute in starting and scaling a company, and 3) whether they were intellectually honest in their research.

To learn more or apply to the USTAR/UVU G2M Business Accelerator, please visit .

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Company

So much time is spent strategizing, planning and wringing our hands, hoping to impact our company’s growth.

We allow the daily whirlwind to distract us with its importance due to its urgency. Our siloed focus on the minutia of HR, IT, OPS, Finance… you name it, allows us to take our eyes, hands and heart off the ONE thing that makes ALL the difference, Time spent on sales.

One important measure of our ability to grow our enterprises is simply counting the hours we and our team are actively engaged in sales. Whether it is cold calling prospects, presenting products or bids, closing sales or seeking referrals, nothing much matters if sales don’t occur.

I know… I know… delivery on the promises made by the sales force, compliance with regulations, addressing pressing legal issues, seeking capital for growth are examples of those things that can, if unattended, sink any company ship. What I’m addressing is simply a measure of how much effort, as a percentage of total labor hours, are being applied to profitable topline revenue.

There are some good rules of thumb for start-ups as well as established businesses. For start-ups (Those of us that are 2 years or younger) we should be devoting at least 80% of our day to sales. For established enterprises (7 years or more) at least 30% of total labor resources should be devoted to sales. If you’re in-between these two definitions, graph the percentage and draw a line between 80% & 30%.

The rationale for this emphasis does not require an advanced degree to understand. If you do not have reliable, influenceable, predictable, profitable revenue flowing into your company, in very short order, all the other issues you’re dealing with simply won’t matter.

Revenue covers a multitude of management sins. When sales are occurring, good things happen. Vendors get paid, doors stay open, and checks get written.

Sales are the core of a competitive advantage. There are many companies with great products that fail. What differentiates the leaders in any market from the rest of the pack is the strength of their marketing and sales.

Using the percentages provided above is a simple way to measure the strength of your company in the market you’re competing in. It is so easy to excuse ourselves from the immediacy of sales to attend to the immediacy of just about anything else. Don’t fall into that trap. Again, nothing else will matter if revenue is not flowing through the door.

Tom Watson, the founder of IBM, correctly stated “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Sales must be the monolithic focus of your company EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ignore that wisdom at your own peril and the peril of those that have tied their futures to your ship.

Want to grow your company? Focus on sales. Want to expand your product line? Focus on sales. Want to dominate your market and not be dominated by your competition? Focus on sales.

These is NO other obsession in your company that will have a more direct impact on the immediate and the sustained future success of your company than sales.

If you need help developing an actionable sales strategy, that’s what the UVU Business Resource Center is all about… plus free services to address the other stuff. We can be reached for an appointment at 801-863-2720. We’re happy to schedule the appointment around your busy sales schedule.

Written by Winthrop Jeanfreau, UVU Director of Economic Development, SBDC Director, and Business Resource Center Director.